“Dental Pansy”-5 STARS (02/16/12)

I had a terrible dentist as a kid and therefore still despise going to the dentist. Artime’s office is the first one to work with me, and they are wonderful with my kids. I can’t recommend them high ly enough. Even the assistants are friendly and talkative and they are all kind. When I tell them i am stressed about being there for my appointment, they make a conscious effort to work quickly and get me out the door as fast as they can–that’s awesome. I like all of the assistants, and the dentist–they are great people who do a great job.

“Jennifer Peterson”- 5 STARS (06/17/13)

When Dr. Artime or Wherley tell you having a tooth pulled will be painless; well except for the small shot you’ll get…that numbs everything…you can believe them… 🙂 …and out in less than 1.5 minutes?…unbelieveable dental care!

“Edward Brunner”-5 STARS (08/11/14)

I am a die-hard dental-phobe (yes, it has a real name, but I don’t know how to spell it) but everyone at this practice is absolutely wonderful. They “baby” me and my whining, and are wonderful with my kids, who have only know them as a dentist and therefore completely escaped my dental issues. I rarely wait more than a few minutes, and everyone is friendly and kind. They are a remarkable team that work very hard to keep you comfortable and do a great job of it. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

“Carin Procarione”-5 STARS (11/12/14)

I give them 5 stars!

“Sandra Pritts”-5 STARS (11/13/14)

I have been coming to your office for many years and always enjoy my visit. Everyone is so friendly and considerate. Thanks for your concern and care.

“Vince Marty”-5 STARS (03/10/15)

Eric Wherley was wonderful to work with. He was professional and preformed his services painlessly. Thank you Eric for all your expertise.

“Haley Eads”-5 STARS (07/16/15)

I give them 5 stars!

“Teresa Habbe”-5 STARS (08/11/15)

Awesome! The staff arranged our appointment so my husband and I could come at the same time as we are here visiting from Texas! Great Job! Highly recommend Artime & Wherley and the staff!

“Christopher Henkel”-5 STARS (08/24/15)

The office staff and doctors are all very professional and the atmosphere is great. Christian music and very very nice people. Never a problem and always on time. Dentist always make you feel important and comfortable.

“Darla Cochran”-5 STARS (09/03/15)

I give them 5 stars!

“Karen Stewart”-5 STARS (10/12/15)

I just had my teeth cleaned by Lori and I always feel like I am revisiting an old friend. She ask about my family and I really feel she cares about me as an individual. Plus, she is very gentle in cleaning my teeth. Dr. Kevin Artime is the best dentist in all of Decatur! He is so gentle and kind. I would not think of going anywhere else!

“Russell Stoss”-5 STARS (12/19/15)

I have gone to Dr. Artime for several years now. My parents & husband switched to Dr. Artime. He is the most honest dentist you will find. Dr. Artime & his staff are very friendly and efficient. I am so glad a friend told me about him.

“Laurie H”-5 STARS (02/03/16)

If I could give this guy ten stars, I would. He is easily the best dentist I’ve ever visited and one of the nicest human beings on the planet. I haven’t seen his partner, Dr. Worley, but others tell me he is great, too. Very trustworthy.

“LeNora Gentry”-5 STARS (02/03/16)

All of the employee’s are the nicest people and they care. Dr. Artime is a wonderful Dentist. This the best Dental practice, I enjoy going to the Dentist now.

“Abigail Crowther”-5 STARS (05/09/16)

I would highly recommend Artime & Wherley Family Dentistry! I had a wonderful experience and Dr. Wherley was outstanding!! Thank you, Artime & Wherley for providing such quality service!

“Jill Koehler”-5 STARS (07/28/16)

Hi! Just had a appointment to have my teeth cleaned yesterday. Just a quick note to say the dental hygienist did a great job and was very professional. Thank you for your great work!

“Kathy Ferguson”-5 STARS (02/15/17)

I’ve been very pleased with Dr. Wherley’s care he’s given me. He is so very good to talk while taking care of any procedure & converse while working on my teeth – letting me know what is happening as he does whatever he’s doing. Very gentle and I appreciate this so much.

“Taylor Twift”-5 STARS (02/28/17)

I give them 5 stars!

“Judith Rodmaker”-5 STARS (03/08/17)

Love the care and friends . Always same great people. Dr. Wherely is so kind and caring. Always happy and love the staff. You feel like you are their special friend. Even though I have moved out of Decatur I still drive for MY dentist and staff. Thank you

“Sue White”-5 STARS (03/30/17)

I really enjoy going to have my teeth cleaned in Artime & Wherley offices. It feels so peaceful there. It takes a lot of stress off of you with the soothing christian music. Dr. Wherley is a caring good dentist.

“Mary Peters”-5 STARS (04/06/17)

When our beloved former dentist was retiring, we were a bit nervous about finding a new one. No need to have worried at all. From the very first visit our concerns were put to rest. Not only is Dr. Wherley a good dentist, he is also personable, gentle and caring. I have referred more than one person to him and they are in complete agreement.